Thailand DCA Requirements



Valid Pilot Licenses in Thailand are either Thai licenses which are “Validated”  from another ICAO country, or full Thai earned licenses. Validated ICAO licenses must be renewed every year. Full Thai earned licenses are good for three years.

Pilots possessing a Thai license “Validated” from another ICAO country, can use their Medical certificate from their home country, however it will only be good for one year (PPL) regardless of the period of validity in home country.

For more info on the validation process  obtainingvalidating-a-thai-ppl

Pilots must fill out the Aircraft Journey book for each flight. This contains basic flight information of Who, When, Where, and How Long.

Pilots must fill out the Airfield Log at each Airport they do a full stop landing to. This includes basic flight information of Who, When, Where.



Must carry the following documents onboard

  • Pilot License and Medical
  • Aircraft Registration (Never needs to be renewed unless ownership changes)
  • Aircraft 5 Year Permit (Self explanatory, but renewed every 5 years)
  • Airworthiness Permit (Renewed Every Year for Light Aircraft. HS Reg 4000 THB, U Reg 2000 THB)
  • Radio Licenses (One for Aircraft and one for all Avionics Equipment)
  • Journey Book  (Details must be filled out after each flight)

Annual or 100 hour Maintenance Inspection

Nationality (Thai Flag), and Registration  Markings (Tail Number ie HS-AAA, or U-208)

Aircraft Identification Plate (Metal plate with Registration Marking on Instrument Panel)


Application for Registratiton of Aircraft

Documents Required

1.  Registered aircraft.
2.  Request registration of the aircraft Form.
3.  Documented proof of purchase or authorized aircraft.
4.  Documents of ownership rights, or possession.
5.  Proof of insurance.
6.  Proof of tax payment. (If the aircraft imported).
7.  Evidence of the registration or de-registration of the ownership
8.  Individual copies of your ID card or household registration.

9.  Partnership documents (If Applicable)
9a. Registration certificate as a corporate partner and/or including a list of all partners.
9b   A copy of the identification card and/or a copy of all partners.

10  Unlimited Partnership documents (If Applicable)
10a.  Certificate of Registration, partnership firm. Registration as a legal entity. List of partners such liability. Unlimited liability. With a number of partners and the capital stock.
10b.  Copy of ID card or a copy of the partnership. Unlimited liability.

11.  Company or a public limited company documents (If Applicable)
11a.  The Registrar certificate of registration as a corporate partner. The Board of Directors of the Company.
11b.  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the publication.
11c.  Copy of ID card or a copy of the Company’s directors and the list of shareholders and number of shares of acculturation. The shareholders at the date of filing the application.
12.  The Registrar certificate of registration as a legal entity and
12a.  Articles of Association, which has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Step Process.
1.  Verify the legitimacy of the documents and qualifications of the applicant.
2.  Appointment check the aircraft for inspection.
3.   Model and serial number of the aircraft. Engine and / or propeller.
4.  The size and position of a nationality mark and registration mark.
5.  Summarize the results and present the case to the registration of the aircraft.
6.  If the applicant is an owner of the aircraft itself. Registration can be done at The Office of Aviation Safety,  Department of Civil Aviation.
7.  If the applicant is not the registered owner of the aircraft. Entitled to possession of the aircraft lease or other contract. Similar To the Minister of Transport to get registered as a possession. (For this step is performed after all first order) on the Minister’s approval of the Office of Aviation Safety. Department of Civil Aviation. To be registered.

More details. Contact the registration and licensing. The Safety Standards in Aviation. Department of Civil Aviation Tel. 0 2286 0530 (Direct) or Tel. 0 2287 0920-9 Fax: 0 2286 2913 to 1153.

Application for Certificate of Airworthiness


1.  Letter requesting certificate of airworthiness.
2.  Request certificate of airworthiness form.
3.  Copies of original certificates and details of the original aircraft.
4.  A copy of the former certificate of airworthiness.
5.  Manuals and documents issued by the aircraft manufacturer. As indicated in the Ministerial Regulation No. 34.
6.  A copy of the certificate of airworthiness for export. The exporting country has issued.

Step process.

1.   Verify the legitimacy of the aircraft documents and manuals.
2.   Appointment to check the aircraft, and the maintenance history.. applicant has provided the 3.   Applicant provides Test Flight sheet/results (Signed also by Engineer/Mechanic)
4.   Summarize the results and present to issue a certificate of airworthiness.

More details. Contact the registration and licensing. The safety standards in aviation. Department of Civil Aviation Tel. 0 2286 0530 (Direct) or Tel. 0 2287 0920-9 to 1153.
Fax: 0 2286 2913.